This Person Snuck Into A Family's Yard and Killed Their Dogs. Justice for Fane and Oliver.

R.I.P Fane and Oliver, two dogs who were taken from their owners far too early.

But these two canines didn't die of natural causes or perish in a terrible accident. In fact, their deaths were no accident at all.

While most of the family was away on holiday, Milly Williams was at home in Rhosllanerchrugog, Wales with her friends taking care of their two dogs. When Milly went out for a cigarette she left Fane, a 5-year-old cocker spaniel, and Olive, a 14-year-old pug out in their kennel since she would be right back. But that short trip to the store was enough time for someone to attack her two beloved dogs.

When she returned home, she found Fane convulsing uncontrollably, blood was shooting out of his neck. Oliver hadn't been stabbed but he was also injured gravely. When they took them to the vet, they were given devastating news. Both Fane and Oliver were too far gone and had to be put down.

Whoever had snuck into the Williams' yard hadn't just hurt their dogs, they had murdered them.

North Wales Police (NWP) has opened an investigation into the incident but we know all too well how cases like this, that involve violence against animals, can easily get brushed under the rug. We must stay vigilant and let (NWP) know that we are behind them and we want them to find Fane and Oliver's killer(s). Will you sign on to put pressure on them to really give this case the time and attention it deserves?

Sign the petition today.

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