Immediately Cease and Desist CRT/DEI Training in All Grades for Cold Spring Harbor in Long Island!

We received a letter dated July 9, 2021 which refers back to our meeting on July 6, 2021 where we as parents tried to repair and strongly voice our thoughts and concerns to the counsel's opposition to critical race theory and the DEI program. Apparently, our voices were not strong enough, so we are setting forth this petition to demand the cease and desist of CRT/DEI training immediately in all grades from K through 12, after which:

*Educational programs developed for the purpose of CRT/CEI training will be presented to all parents in full detail.
*All funding and disbursements of funds relative to CRT/CEI training will be submitted for review to all parents in full detail.
*All staffing/personnel involved in developing CRT/DEI training will provide full and complete resumes as well as access to all of their social media accounts for parental review.

We as parents should be given time to adequately review all of the information stated above in order to choose whether or not we want to accept or refuse these programs by way of vote. We would also like to consider including a special voting session before the implementation of any such program.

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