Prosecute South Herefordshire Hunt for throwing live Foxcubs to packs of hungry dogs

Fox cubs were thrown alive to hunting hounds at kennels in Herefordshire.

Secret footage has been released which appears to show live fox cubs being delivered to the kennels of the South Herefordshire Hunt before being thrown to the pack of fox hounds. The lifeless body of a cub is then seen to be dumped into a wheelie bin, before another is taken to meet the same fate.

FOXHUNTING Sickening isn't it? These sick twisted individuals of the South Herefordshire Hunt think throwing terrified Foxcubs to packs of starving dogs, is acceptable behaviour. Time we put an end to all Foxhunting and prosecute these barbaric morons.

Police investigating the allegations have arrested five people and are examining the footage from anti-hunt activists. All five arrested people have been released on bail while officers continue their investigation.

Those responsible for this illegal killing of fox cubs must be held accountable and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

There is no place in the modern world for this so called sport. Please help me stop it and sign my petition! If enough people sign, it will put pressure on the police and Crown Prosecution Service to ensure that justice is served, and other hunts will be deterred from carrying out similar cruel practices.

Time to end the misguided belief that Foxhunting is a sport. A few deluded over priviliged fools believe that hunting a fox with a pack of ravenous hounds is sport, it isn't it is barbaric, outdated and unnecessary 

Update #5vor ca. einem Jahr
This petition has now been sent to the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service. They say that "The case file is currently being reviewed" for the case. So we must continue to keep up the pressure to show that prosecution of those responsible is in the public interest. Keep sharing this petition! Don't let those fox cubs be forgotten.

Update #4vor ca. einem Jahr
Care2 has been following this ongoing case. In September it was reported that five people were arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty, then bailed, and released from bail. However, the Crown Prosecution Service was still investigating the case which was then described as 'live'. Care2 has emailed the CPS to find out if there is a more recent update on the case.
Update #3vor 1 Jahren
A year on, the investigation is still ongoing. Why are the police taking so long to prosecute?
In April 2017 the South Herefordshire Hunt hired a new chair and put out their first statement about the allegations, condemning them and saying the people implicated no longer work for the hunt group. However, those responsible still need to be prosecuted, so keep signing and sharing the petition.
Update #2vor 2 Jahren
Join Care2 on the march for wildlife, 12 August 2017 in London - to stand up against badger culling, fox hunting, cubbing and grouse shooting. RSVP here. The march against fox hunting last month had a huge impact - the government has pledged not to repeal the hunting act in this parliament. But illegal fox hunting continues. So we must keep up the pressure and keep demanding they take action to save foxes and fox cubs!
Update #1vor 2 Jahren
Britain's foxes need you more than ever! Join the march against hunting, 29th May in London. Theresa May has announced that if the Conservatives win the election there will be a vote on repealing The Hunting Act!
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