Release "Mayerling" (1957) Starring Audrey Hepburn & Mel Ferrer

There are very few people in the developed world unaware of the name and iconography of Audrey Hepburn. Whether through her memorable performances in Hollywood classics such as "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "My Fair Lady" or "Roman Holiday", Ms Hepburn endeared herself to millions of loyal fans throughout the world because of the unparalleled charm, grace, beauty, style and warmth she radiated from the silver screen. Aside from possibly James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, there has never been another screen actor whose entire personality has so seamlessly appealed to each new generation of moviegoer. There has simply never been anyone like Audrey Hepburn. 

As of June 2011, there are only two films of Ms Hepburn's catalogue that remain unavailable to the general public in one way or another: "Monte Carlo Baby" (1951) and "Mayerling" (1957), which was filmed as part of the "Producers' Showcase" TV series for NBC. It is unknown at this time whether or not any copies of "Monte Carlo Baby" still exist, however "Mayerling" is definitely available and -- according to Alex Kogan of Films Around the World -- has even been mastered in HD. Unfortunately, as the owners of the film feel there is no demographic for such a release, there are no plans to distribute it any time in the foreseeable future. This petition seeks to show those in charge of the distribution for "Mayerling" that there is indeed a very enthusiastic market for the title.  

Poignantly, "Mayerling" is probably the last "new" performance many Audrey Hepburn fans will ever see her give. On the 50th anniversary of arguably her most celebrated film, Breakfast at Tiffany's, it would be wonderful to see the release of a long-forgotten film that has excited and frustrated Audrey fans in equal measure. Fans of Audrey Hepburn throughout the world call on Showcase Productions, Inc. and Films Around the World, Inc. to release "Mayerling" in tribute to its irreplaceable star.
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