Reparations Now!

    I have long truly hoped that the US will wake up and live by its founding premise that "all are treated equally". Unfortunately, for nearly 250 years this has not been true -- white men have always had more power and more wealth, and they built this the backs of enslaved and then belittled Jim-Crowed blacks.

    After reading the 1619 Project I am even more motivated that "we", the United States, find the courage and strength to move into modernity -- and live up to the founding of this country.

    Now is the time for US to start closing the wealth gap of history and find a way to make reparations happen! Now is the time for the US to protect voting rights for all persons regardless of color, gender, age, or socioeconomic status.

    We the undersigned ask that our politicians work on these issues -- making voting easier for everyone and closing the wealth gaps for the descendants of previously enslaved persons!!!

    We the
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