Demand an investigation into Trump’s serious crimes exposed by John Bolton’s book

John Bolton's legacy in government is that of a ruthlessly misguided warmonger with countless deaths on his hands.

But upon leaving the Executive Branch, he is finally doing the country a service by revealing Donald Trump's many egregious crimes. Bolton should not be celebrated for this — after all, he waited until he could profit from his information rather than using it to save the country. Nevertheless, his eye-witness account merits thorough investigation by Congress and the Justice Department.

Among the charges leveled against the president from within his inner circle, Bolton says that even as Trump denied collusion with Russia to rig the 2016 election, he asked China's Xi to illegally interfere on his behalf in 2020. Bolton also claims that on numerous occasions, Trump helped coverup crimes by "dictators he liked" as favors.

That would be more than enough to make Trump the most corrupt US leader in history, but Bolton goes on from there. It's time to finally hold this lawless president accountable!

Add your name to demand an investigation into Trump's serious crimes exposed by John Bolton's book! American democracy could depend on it.

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