Lassie Complete Series on DVD

    This is a petition to bring all the old original series Lassie episodes onto DVD. I know they've released a few episodes here and there, but we never got all the episodes. I don't care if they're released as season sets instead of one huge box set as long as we get all the episodes. And as an added bonus they could go back and add color to all the black and white episodes. That would really make users want to buy them if they can see all the episodes in color.

    I have watched a lot of the episodes. About the first 4 seasons and a few random episodes from later seasons, but I never got to see all the episodes. Then they stopped airing the series on TV. So, unless you were recording episodes back in the late 1990s there's no way to see the episodes now, free viewing or not since only a few episodes are on DVD and they're no longer on TV.

    So, how the heck do they expect me to watch this show! I'm still a fan! It isn't fair to us fans who still like the show and never got to see all the episodes! If you're as steamed as I am about this please sign to show we want all Lassie episodes on DVD.
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    Petition unterzeichnen
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