Urge the press to band together to hold Trump accountable for his lies!

Since the first days of his campaign, Trump and his spokespeople have had a clear strategy for answering questions from the press. First, lie. Then, when confronted with a follow-up, insult, defame, and lie some more before moving on.

The charade is as damaging to the American public as it is tiresome. But on May 22, 2020, something changed.

When White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany accused a reporter of "desperately wanting to see churches stay closed" for asking what authority the president has to override governors, not only did he refuse to step down, Reuters' Jeff Mason spoke up and objected to her accusation.

As a result, instead of walking away unscathed with another lie sold, McEnany looked like the liar and bully that she is. Only because reporters banded together in refusal to accept lies were they able to bring some accountability to Trump's deception machine.

We need more of that.

Add your name to urge the press to band together to hold Trump and his team accountable for their lies! The American people are counting on it.

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