Companies Should Support Transgender Employees' Healthcare and Safety

For the past several years, hateful and extremist legislators have proposed anti-LGBTQ+ policy across the U.S. In states with right-wing legislatures, many of these measures have passed, creating extremely hostile and discriminatory environments for transgender folks.

This has caused many people to need to relocate to different states, in order to access the care that they need or simply to seek safer work and living conditions. Now online job search company Indeed has committed to offering a $10,000 benefit for transgender employees who want to relocate to help cover their expenses! This is an amazing example of a company living out its values!

Idealist is another job search company that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. It should follow suit and offer transgender employees relocation support!

Sign now to demand Idealist follow in Indeed's footsteps and offer stipends to transgender employees who want to relocate!

The situation in many U.S. states is dire. In Florida and Alabama, for example, providers can literally be charged with a felony for providing gender-affirming care. This kind of discrimination makes it almost impossible for trans folks to receive even the basic medical care that they deserve.

This is why it's more important than ever for companies to step up and protect their employees.

Sign now to tell Idealist: follow in Indeed's footsteps! Offer stipends to transgender employees who want to relocate to safety!
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