Support local artists now! Create a space for Street Artists to legally practice!

    The issue at hand:
    There is no way for street artists to legally practice their craft at their own free will.
    There is also an increase in illegal graffiti presence. Myself being a well known street artist from Aldinga Beach, I have recently been creating "Pop up murals" by wrapping a public fence post in glad wrap, and using that as my canvas. I have seen support from nearly a thousand residents, but obviously this isn't an ideal situation. I have now been asked politely not to do it anymore, but I no longer have any way of showcasing my artwork or practicing to get better.

    The solution:
    Ideally, a wall on public property would be a great place for artists like myself to showcase their talent while practicing legally. I believe a wall being built at Symmonds Reserve beside the skate park and community centre would be great. Alternatively another option would be a wall on private / public property, that is designated for this artwork, but requires permission to utilize. Permission could be granted that prove their artistic ability and legitimacy through a portfolio. This could prevent any children painting inappropriate markings on said wall, not that it has ever been an issue for the publicly legal wall in Adelaide.
    Not everyone is able to travel to the CBD to practice their art, and something local here in Aldinga would not only support local artists, but would also deplete the amount of illegal graffiti in the area thus saving the government money in
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