Community Collaboration Leads to Arrests in Assault on Nardo Wick Fan

In a recent turn of events, two individuals, Zachary Benton, 34, and an unnamed 15-year-old, turned themselves in to Tampa police on Friday in connection to the assault of a Nardo Wick fan outside Club Skye. Both have been charged with felony battery, and the minor also faces additional charges of being in possession of a firearm while wearing a mask.

The assault occurred in the early hours of Monday when George Obregon Jr., a devoted fan of rapper Nardo Wick, approached the artist for a photo outside Club Skye in Ybor City. Two individuals, allegedly affiliated with Nardo Wick, assaulted Obregon, resulting in his hospitalization with a concussion and a brain bleed. Obregon's condition was reported to be critical but stable.

The breakthrough in the investigation came through the collaborative efforts of the community. Videos of the incident submitted by the public, along with anonymous tips, played a pivotal role in identifying the suspects and facilitating their arrests. The Tampa Police Department expressed gratitude for the active involvement of the community in helping bring the assailants to justice.

Nardo Wick addressed the incident on Instagram, extending apologies to Obregon and his family. Wick's management clarified that the individuals responsible were not part of the rapper's security team and had no direct connection to him.

The involvement of a 15-year-old in possession of a firearm while wearing a mask adds a concerning layer to the case. The charges reflect the severity of the assault and underscore the legal consequences for those responsible.

This incident highlights the challenges faced by celebrities and their fans in public spaces, emphasizing the importance of community collaboration in aiding law enforcement investigations. The Tampa Police Department's acknowledgment of public contributions serves as a testament to the crucial role citizens play in ensuring accountability for criminal actions and maintaining the safety of their communities. As legal proceedings unfold, this case serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility to uphold the well-being of all individuals in public spaces.

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