Change Youtube Terms & Conditions (no seizure prank videos allowed)

  • von: Chelsea Ross
  • empfänger: People who are effected with Epilepsy.

I'm making this position, to try to get YouTube to change their Terms and Conditions. NOT ALLOWING SEIZURES PRANK VIDEOS, on their platform.

Making fun of this condition is horrible!!

Living with this condition is NOT something to make fun of!!

EPILEPSY FUCKING SUCKS!!!!!!! 3.4 million people nationwide — and more
than 65 million globally.

I had my first seizure when I was really young.(I think 8)

I was in an Orthodontist office & was playing a 3D SpongeBob game. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I got this really peculiar feeling, gave the game controller to the kid, who was sitting next to me, walked over to my parents & had a seizure and I don't remember what else happened. Typing out my whole story is going to take forever. Plus, I would need my parent's help because I don't remember most of it/my seizures.

If you want to know more about Epilespy here's my playlist:

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