Demand York County regulates Short-Term Rentals (e.g., AirBnB)

    York County (YC) issues Special Use Permits (SUP) for Short-Term-Rentals (STRs), like Air BnB, which allows the commercial use of residential homes.

    • The permit carries with the LAND in perpetuity (forever)
    • YC does not limit the quantity of SUPs granted in neighborhood.
    • YC does not require the owner to reside in the home.
    • After one year, the SUP can be expanded to include hosting events, like weddings.
    • YC does not limit the number of rooms that can be rented, nor the number of guests at a time.
    • YC does not provide for oversight but rather relies on neighbors to report infractions – a situation that pits neighbor against neighbor.
    • YC does not require proof of insurance indemnifying communities from litigation for injury of guests while on community property.
    • Registered sex offenders could potentially be a guest for up to 3 months unbeknownst to neighbors.

    If, regardless of homeowner opposition, York County chooses to proceed issuing SUPs for STRs in residential zones, I implore you to establish clear and written rules in the Code that close the loopholes for abuse. Put representatives from residential neighborhoods (for and against STRs) on your committee to do this. Your duty is to balance the rights of the community with those of individual homeowners and to ensure the underlying intent of residential zoning laws are not permanently subverted.

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