Why Does the U.S. Government Still Allow This Cancer-Causing Bread Ingredient?

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Bread is a staple in many of our households. But in the U.S., it turns out that store-bought bread often contains a deadly cancer-causing ingredient: potassium bromate. In fact, potassium bromate is linked to so many health concerns, multiple countries - such as the UK, Canada, Brazil, and also the European Union - have outright banned its use. Even California requires warning labels about cancer hazards on foods made with the chemical.

So why is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still allowing potassium bromate in our bread? In the bread we feed to ourselves, our families, and our children?

The FDA must follow the ample science on potassium bromate, and ban its use in food now!

Potassium bromate is a chemical additive used to make bread rise more, make it more springy, and strengthen the dough. As a result, it helps companies make more bread faster, thus enhancing profits. So naturally, food production corporations have been eager to include the chemical in their breads in order to increase profits. Our health is the last thing on their priority lists.

Even though the chemical is now nearly ubiquitous in many bread or bread-y products, the FDA is uninterested in investigating or regulating the use of potassium bromate. It hasn't even reviewed the chemical's associated health problems since 1973! By not intervening sooner, the FDA has been allowing families across the country to unwittingly, unintentionally poison their children – for decades.

The Environmental Working Group conducted an in-depth analysis of potassium bromate's dangers and discovered it in upwards of 130 food products in the U.S. The contaminant infected sliced wheat bread, flour tortillas, sugar cookies, cupcakes, muffins, donuts, pizzas, and more.

The FDA must take action now, but even if it won't, luckily there's still more we can do. We must also ask Congress to pass the Food Chemical Reassessment Act. This bill, already introduced by Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), would help make sure the FDA continually re-assesses whether chemicals in our food are safe to eat. As we gain more and more data over time, what was deemed "okay" generations ago sometimes turns out to not be okay at all - but, in fact, is hazardous.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration must take action now to regulate the use of potassium bromate in food products, including bread. Meanwhile, members of Congress must also pass the Food Chemical Reassessment Act to make sure no toxic chemicals like this ever fly under the quality-control radar again! 

We must keep our children safe. Sign the petition if you agree!
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