Ban Atlantic Salmon Net Pens in the Waters of Washington State: Photo Courtesy King 5 News

  • von: Lorna Smith
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We already have some Legislators on our side:
Democratic Sen. Kevin Ranker of Orcas Island told KUOW he’s more concerned about day-to-day impacts of salmon farms than this one big escape.

“The feces coming out of these, the disease coming out of these,” Ranker said. “All this is in a water body that is already threatened. This is not a place where you take a risk.”

In August, 2017, 160,000 farm-raised Atlantic salmon escaped from their net pens into the biologically important waters of the Salish Sea. Since that time the escapees have travelled hundreds of miles, entering NW rivers where they compete with our wild salmon and spread diseases that are deadly to our native fish. Fish farms also pollute the waters around them with rotting fish food and carcasses of sick fish. We need to stop salmon net pens now! The risk is too high to our native fish, our endangered orcas, the health of the Salish Sea and our own human health. Join your voice with Northwest Tribes and conservationists calling for a total ban of disease-causing salmon net pens in Washington.

Update #4vor 2 Jahren
Thanks to all of you, we are approaching the half-way mark!!! Way to go, all of you who have signed and shared. We really CAN make a difference for our Wild Salmon of the Salish Sea and the Orcas and others who depend on them by banning salmon net pens in Washington State. We have the ear of sympathetic legislators and the Governor himself has issued a temporary halt on any new licenses, but we need to institute a permanent ban, so keep signing and sharing!!
Update #3vor 2 Jahren
Please continue to share; we are doing great and are nearing our first 1000 signatures! This weekend, we helped recover an Atlantic salmon caught by a fisherman. It has gone to a lab for testing for diseases. This is one of the biggest worries around net pen Atlantic salmon farms. The non-native fish carry diseases that can be fatal to our native salmon. The pens must be banned!
Update #2vor 2 Jahren
Congratulations to all you helping out with this petition. We have reached over 500 signatures out of the 3000 needed in the first 48 hours! Let's push on and please keep posting and sharing. As I write this, an Atlantic salmon recovered by a fisherman following the Cypress Island net pet escape is on its way to be tested for communicable diseases. A ban on Atlantic salmon in-water net pens is the only way to keep our wild Pacific salmon safe.
Update #1vor 2 Jahren
Thank you all who have signed our petition so far! I have been in conversations with Washington Legislators, and a strong showing of support for banning Atlantic salmon net pens will make waves in Olympia! Keep up the sharing and posting, we are getting there!
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