Montreal: Don't Ban Pit Bulls and Other Dog Breeds!

Montreal just passed a new by-law that bans pit bulls and other so-called "dangerous breeds" breeds in the city. 

This is so unfair! I have a pitbull mix and he has never hurt anyone. A dog is not dangerous just because of its breed, dogs become dangerous because of their owners. If this law passe, pit bulls and other breeds will have to be registered, spayed or neutered and wear a muzzle in public. Any new adoptions of these breeds will be banned. Imagine never being able to play fetch with your pit bull again, or even walk your dog on a hot day because of the impossibility of panting with a muzzle.

In places like Toronto, a ban on pit bulls was supposed to lower the number of dog bites, but it didn't. That's because dog biting isn't breed-specific. It happens when there are uneducated owners and children who approach dogs in an way that triggers them.

In places like Alberta, there has been a significant and continual decrease in overall dog bites in the province without banning any breeds. Instead, Alberta focuses on educating dog owners and educating children on how to behave around dogs. Education, and not breed banning, is the key to preventing dog bites.

The SPCA said it is exploring options about how to prevent the ban from coming into effect, including legal challenges. 

"We know that the Montreal community understands that using hysteria, fear and prejudice as a means to push legislation forward is wholly unacceptable," said Alanna Devine, the Montreal SPCA's head of advocacy.

Let's show our support by signing and sending this to the mayor! It's never the dog's fault, but the humans that own them.

I suggest that if Montreal must pass a law, it should require a couple of mandatory classes you have to go to for owning a dog that would be considered dangerous. After completed, you would get a green paw you'd have to wear on the leash to show people and police that you know how to handle your dog and that you are of no threat to your surroundings. This would not only create a safe environments, it would also create jobs for people and a better understanding and knowledge when it comes to these magnificent creatures!

To Mayor Denis Coderre, 

As an animal lover I am deeply concerned about the current by-law proposal that would ban pit bulls and other breeds from the city. In cities like Toronto it has not proven to lower overall dog bites. 

I urge you to focus your efforts, instead, on education of dog owners and of children to learn how to appropriately interact with dogs. 

Breed specific bans do not address the underlying issues in dog ownership. They also increase breed specific euthanasia and cause many sweet and loving dogs to lose their homes and lives. 

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Update #1vor 3 Jahren
Unfortunately Montreal passed this draconian pit bull ban. Please sign our new petition asking City Council to repeal it:
Petition unterzeichnen
Petition unterzeichnen
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