Demand a minimum age to piercing children

I am a fully qualified body piercer with plenty of experience. In my studio I refuse to pierce any babies or toddlers. But in many other studios, beauty salons, high street shops, hairdressers etc they pierce very young children. I have done hundreds of piercings and have many myself. Because of this I can bear witness to the fact that they hurt. Not only that but there are many risks involved. Especially during the healing period which needs special attention and aftercare. The safest method of piercing is with a sterile needle which is easier when older. I do not use piercing guns as they are not safe but that's another petition. I believe that society has reached a consensus today where all believe children should be able to consent to anything done to their bodies. In my opinion this consent cant be given until a child can firstly ask for the piercing themselves. But more importantly understand the pain, aftercare and possible ramifications afterwards. Then and only then will I pierce a childs ears. Why cause unnecessary pain with possible severe health complications. Purely for your own aesthetic amusement. I have heard parents compare it to getting a vaccine. Yes the pain is similar. But vaccines save lives. Ear rings just look pretty. And it is not for the benefit of the child in any way. I have seen tattooist piercing babies ears with piercing guns, one in each ear at the same time, its barbaric. Please help stop what I and many other professional piercers consider abuse.

Fault lies as much with the piercers  if not more so as they know all the facts. 

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