Demand Trump Stop Trying To Sabotage Obamacare In Court

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Despite Republicans' failure on numerous occasions to repeal Obamacare and an outright thrashing at the ballot box during the 2018 midterms, largely as a direct result of their stance on healthcare, the Affordable Care Act is once again in jeopardy.

The Trump administration has decided to endorse a federal judge's dubious decision in Texas claiming that the ACA is unconstitutional. Should the judicial system ultimately stand behind this ruling as it gets appealed, our entire healthcare system would be at risk. Tens of millions of Americans would undoubtedly lose coverage and hundreds of millions would be adversely affected.

Trump, for his part, has continued to gaslight the American people throughout this process, claiming baselessly that "The Republican Party will become 'The Party of Healthcare!'" The truth, however, is that not only do Republicans not have a "plan" to carry out with regard to healthcare, but the American people already delivered an overwhelming and definitive rebuke of the GOP after their misguided attempts to cripple the ACA prior to the midterm elections.

Any attempts to do so once again would not only impact millions of Americans, but serve as a glaring dismissal of the will of the American people.

We, the undersigned, demand that the Trump administration protect the people he was elected to serve and direct the Department of Justice to defend the Affordable Care Act in court. While it is no surprise that he would put American lives at risk for his petty, one-sided feud with Obama, we will not stand idly by and allow it to happen without a fight.

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