Get Laia Lopez's Books Translated Into English!

Laia Lopez is a talented illistrator and author of the books series Royalty Witches, Strawberry Moon etc. she has been able to share her magic by having her books translated from Spanish into French but many of her fans have not been able to have the magic shared with them because they don't speak those languages and only speak English or a different language. Laia says the reason for this is because the books has not gotten enough attention. The purpose of this petition is so it can gain more attention by you signing it to show you agree and sharing it with everyone you know. Let Laia's magic be shared with even more people by signing this petition!

Update #3vor ca. einem Jahr
Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to say thank you for signing my petition to get Laia Lopez's books translated into English and update you guys on our progress. Currently we have 10 supporters, and if you want to get Laia Lopez's books finally translated into English, please share this petition with all your friends and family and on any social media platform by copying the link (below).
Thanks again!
Update #2vor ca. einem Jahr
Hi everyone, I hope that you are all well. I just wanted to say thanks again for signing my petition, we currently have 8 supporters which is a minor victory! 🎉🎊 If you want to see that number grow and finally get to read Laia Lopez's books in english; please share this petition via social media e.g Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. you can aslo share this petition on any other social media platform by just copying the link. Thanks again for supporting this petition, stay safe.
From: ZE
Update #1vor ca. einem Jahr
Hi everyone! My name is Zaraiana and I just wanted to say thank you to all of you that have signed and shared my petition, it means a lot! Please remember to share this petition with everyone you know, thank you! :)
From Zara

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