Hungarian Government: End Your Xenophobic Attack on Immigration

  • von: Anna B
  • empfänger: The National Assembly
Hungary's nationalist government has been waging a war on immigration for years. The current prime minister Viktor Orban has been using scare tactics and racism to stir up opposition to refugees fleeing the war in Syria and conflicts.

While countries like Germany and Iceland are welcoming those searching for asylum, Orban has followed the Trumpian line of reasoning equating immigration with danger, crime and a degradation of the nation's cultural fabric. But not even Trump would think try to do what Hungary is attempting to do right now.

The government recently submitted legislation that would cripple pro-immigration NGOs, even going so far as to insinuate that their efforts were a threat to national security. Under the new law, the interior minister would have the powers to actually ban any such NGO and would also impose a 25 percent tax on any donations they receive from overseas.

This bill is not only a threat to freedom of speech and assembly but, as the UN called it a complete "assault on human rights."

Laws like this build barriers and put at risk the values of any democracy. They have no place in Hungary, the EU or the democratic world.

Tell the Hungarian government to end its war on immigration and that the world is watching. Sign the petition and ask the Hungarian Parliament to reject this new law.
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