My account got banned for false accusations against me for bullying harassment and nudity without evidence TikTok bands me for harassment nudity and bullying
    It would be nice to get my account back. Due to the false accusations you have a right to get my account back many people are upset that I’m banned and not posting.
    My username is
    I done no harm but post cosplay videos and pride videos
    I have been harassed and accused from this account
    @igwhatevers because I was NOT straight!!!
    who is explicating her body (tits) on your app for minors to see she is a 26 year old women harassing minors and accusing them of things they never did many parents are discussed by their kids seeing her content that isn’t removed, many has reported her but nothing ever done about it . It goes against your guidelines but then says no violation found on her account when she is showing her half naked body to minors, that account @igwhatevers is also taking data and finding minors location and is giving threats. It’s not safe
    I need this issue fixed pronto ASAP for the minors and myself who has been a victim of her threats and actions and false accusations.
    I need my account back when nothing was done wrong in the first place
    What I would like to be done is create an equal equality for the LGBTQ to be on TikTok or any social media platform without being harassed and banned for being their selves! It sickens me that if you are a part of the LGBTQ you are not treated equal no matter what you do wrong or right you get banned for no reason with no evidence of doing harm .
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