On Thursday 23rd May, Melanie Baddeley – an ex-BNP councillor, who also stood as parliamentary candidate for the fascists in the 2010 general election – was elected by city councillors to become Deputy Lord Mayor by 22 votes to 16.

We are disgusted that our council thinks it's appropriate to appoint a fascist into the highest position of civic office. We demand that Baddeley withdraw as Deputy Lord Mayor, and we urge all ordinary people to sign this petition to show opposition.

Take a look at the picture of her above sitting at the top table with racist BNP-leader Nick Griffin in 2010 for their manifesto launch.  Their election material called to 'Stop the Central Mosque', calling it's construction an 'appeasement to the Muslim community' and an 'immoral and unacceptable' deal. The material also made the ridiculous claim that 'Asylum seekers come here and get everything handed to them on a plate'.

Similarly, in 2011, Baddeley's material focused solely on migrants and ethnic minorities, saying there was an 'immigration invasion' and that Britain is being 'invaded by huge numbers of foreigners'.

Baddeley did not speak at the council meeting when asked if she has changed her views. She has since written an unconvincing "apology", in which she claims she was "naive" and "did not realise what the BNP stood for"(!!)

Give us some credit please, Melanie. Stoke-on-Trent is better than this: this Deputy Mayor has got to go.

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