Protect Our Democracy: Tell Congress to Include Election Funding in COVID-19 Stimulus Package

As the House and Senate work to address the COVID-19 public health crisis, it is CRITICAL that legislators include adequate funding provisions to safeguard the right to vote in the upcoming November election.  The League of Women Voters is calling for any deal to include at the minimum $2 billion in election funding. 

Measures to protect our 2020 elections should include:

  • voter education (informing the public of new practices and immediately quashing disinformation as it arises).
  • an extended early in-person voting period (allowing citizens to vote over an expanded period rather than in a cluster on Election Day).
  • expanded voter registration options (including online voter registration and same-day voter registration).
  • no-excuse absentee voting-by-mail (including a number of options through which to request and return ballots).
  • prohibition of polling place adjustments that disproportionately impact vulnerable populations such as people of color, limited-English proficient citizens, people with disabilities, and students.

We need to act now to ensure Americans have a safe and secure way to vote in November. Sign the petition today to tell members of Congress to increase funding for elections in the COVID-19 stimulus package. 

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