This Man Refused To Sit Next To A Black Woman On His Fight So Ryanair Made HER Move. Tell Ryanair That Racism Doesn't Fly.

Ryanair — the European low-cost airline — may want to change their slogan from "Low fares, Made simple." to "Come fly the racist skies." At least that's what a lot of people are thinking after they allowed one of their passengers to be routinely racially attacked by another customer.

Last week, 77-year-old Delsie Gayle was flying back from holiday with her daughter to mark the anniversary of her husband's death. But the somber trip took a turn for the worse when the passenger next to her began calling her names. He began complaining that he didn't want to sit next to Gayle who he called an "ugly black bastard" and even threatened her with physical violence. A video of the incident has since gone viral.

What is just as shocking as her treatment by this racist is how Ryanair decided to handle it. Instead of escorting the bigot off the plane, they actually forced the woman to move. Meanwhile, the man got to continue on his flight as if he had every right to demand not to have to suffer the "indignity" of sitting next to a black person.

Days have past and even after UK transport secretary, Chris Grayling suggested that what the racist did was a crime, Ryanair has yet to contact Gayle or take any action to remedy the horrible treatment she had to endure on their flight.

In recent years we've seen countless videos of people being removed from flights for the most insignificant offenses. It's almost a daily occurrence. But for some reason, Ryanair thought this man's transgressions were not only acceptable, but they were also valid.

That is not ok, Ryanair needs to change its policy and make it clear that racists are not welcome on their planes.

If you believe Ryanair's actions were unacceptable and need to be changed, sign the petition and demand the company change their policy as to immediately remove racist aggressors from their flights and report them to the appropriate officials.
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