Urge the Australian Government to Ban Scientific Research Experiments on Dogs

  • von: Georgina B.
  • empfänger: Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Christopher Pyne

Scientific laboratories around Australia are killing thousands of dogs in experiments, according to a report in The Age.com.au The dogs used are mostly ex-racing greyhounds and beagles.

The University of Melbourne are alleged to have conducted some particularly cruel tests. The story states in one experiment, "four greyhounds underwent a series of operations to put screws in their skulls and electrodes into their brains.

"It is not known if they were later killed, but researchers reported they experienced discomfort for five days and one dog developed a large swelling of clotted blood from moving too much."

In another experiment, six greyhounds underwent dental implant surgery but were euthanised by lethal injection three months later. Once killed, the researchers removed the greyhounds jaws.

The story states: "Humane Research Australia has criticised the dental school in particular for abusing dogs for the sake of cosmetic surgery.Chief executive officer Helen Marston said she was shocked the university's animal ethics committee approved the dental implant research.

"The research was certainly not life-saving, as it was simply for human vanity," ... "The papers do not mention where the dogs were sourced from but we expect that they are 'wastage' from the racing industry."

Ms Marston said the anatomy of a dog's mouth is quite different to that of a human.

Dogs such as greyhounds and beagles deserve better! Will you join me in urging the Australian Government to end scientific research on dogs? Please sign and share the petition.

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