Commit to Vote Like Your Rights Depend on It: Become an ACLU Voter

This Election Day, we all have a job to do — to vote like our rights depend on it.

We're up against an administration that finds ways to undermine the fundamental principles of our democracy every day. Together, we've fought back. But soon we'll have the chance exercise one of our most powerful rights — the right to elect our representatives. And there is nothing more terrifying to anti-democratic forces than a voting public.

That's why, right here and right now, we're asking you to pledge to be an ACLU Voter.

An ACLU Voter demands that candidates fight to protect our democracy, end discrimination, expand our rights, and create a nation with liberty and justice for all.

The ACLU will ask you to do big things between now and Election Day. You'll get the information you need like candidate scorecards, registration deadlines, your polling locations, and ways to take action. Are you ready?

By completing this form, you are agreeing to receive emails, calls, or texts from the ACLU, its state affiliates, and their representatives about ways to take action and support the ACLU, as per our privacy policy.

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