Tell Congress: Don't Take Away Monthly Child Checks!

Congress expanded the Child Tax Credit this year, giving parents up to $300 a month per kid. These 'Child Checks' have been a gamechanger for struggling families, keeping millions of kids out of poverty and allowing families to afford food, rent, extracurriculars, education, and more. But unless Congress acts, the payments will stop after December!

Most Democrats are pushing to make the expanded Child Tax Credit permanent — that would mean $250-$300 every single month for most families with kids under 18! This would help tens of millions of kids thrive and cut child poverty almost in HALF.

The House of Representatives just passed the Build Back Better Act, which would extend these payments for another year and make sure millions of lower income families permanently qualify for the Child Tax Credit. Now we need the Senate to vote YES — and time is running out. (Because all Republicans are also against extending the child checks, we need every single Democratic Senator on board.)

Sign the petition to tell your Senator to save our Child Checks!
Dear Senator:

I am writing as your constituent to let you know that American families are relying on the expanded Child Tax Credit payments. I urge you to act without delay to extend them permanently, until children turn 18. In particular, I urge you to make sure the policy is made 'fully and permanently refundable' so that ALL families (especially those with little or no income and stay at home parents), continue to receive monthly payments.

Millions of families across the country are struggling to afford food, rent, child care, medical bills, and other opportunities for their children. Those struggles won't end in December. The time for urgent action is now. Please don't take this important lifeline away from struggling families!


[your name]
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