Sign the Pledge to Resist Hate

Hate is on the March in our Country

  •   Emboldened white supremacists are rallying under the banner of the Confederacy.
  •   Neo-Nazis are carrying torches through the night chanting "Jews will not replace us!"
  •   Students, from grade school to major universities, are displaying cardboard cutouts of African Americans hanging from nooses.
  •   And our own president is shamefully fanning the flames of fear and prejudice against Muslims, Latinos, refugees, and immigrants.

This isn't the kind of country we want to live in and pass on to our children and grandchildren.

Sign the Pledge to Resist Hate.

Pledge to Resist Hate

Hate is once again on the march in our country and it must be stopped.

I pledge to resist hate in all its forms—from racism and sexism to Islamophobia and other vile prejudices.

I will speak out against hate and work for a society that respects the dignity and rights of all members of our community.

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