Children in Gaza are starving. They deserve a ceasefire. Sign for safety in Gaza.

Gaza's children have been without access to essential food, clean water and medical supplies, pushing the population to the brink of famine. There is no safe place for children as the humanitarian crisis deepens.

Children have been deprived of their right to health, education and safety worsened by fatal attacks on aid workers delivering life-saving assistance. A new acronym, WCNSF — Wounded Child, No Surviving Family — has been used by responders and medical staff due to the number of children who have now lost their entire families.

No hospitals in Gaza are fully functioning. IRC and partners are seeing many cases of patients, including children, die of easily preventable or treatable diseases. The civilian population in Gaza are being squeezed into smaller and smaller areas. 600,000 children are now seeking shelter in Rafah, Gaza's last refuge. If it meets the same fate as Gaza City and Khan Younis, all parts of Gaza will be destroyed.

The IRC and its partners in Gaza are providing emergency and life-saving medical care, including direct medical care, in Gaza's few remaining operational hospitals, as well as procuring and distributing medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. The IRC is also working with partners to deliver psychosocial support, cash assistance, and early childhood development programmes inside Gaza, including in many shelters.

Add your name if you believe children living in conflict zones must be protected-no matter where they are in the world.
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