Tell Fox News: Stop Peddling White-Supremacist Hate

We are still deeply saddened and angry about the murders in Buffalo in May. We can't let the churn of the news cycle let us forget the bad actors who helped incite this violence — and are still sowing the seeds for more.

Hate and disinformation — including the far-right "great replacement" conspiracy theory that motivated the Buffalo terrorist — isn't reserved to the fringes of the internet. Prominent figures like Tucker Carlson of Fox News promote this racist rhetoric to audiences of millions. Carlson bears responsibility for radicalizing violent white terrorists — and Fox News is complicit for giving him a platform.

Join Free Press and Free Press Action in fighting the hate and disinformation flooding our airwaves and destroying our communities. 

To Fox Corporation CEO Lachlan Murdoch:

In Buffalo, New York, a white supremacist murdered 10 people at a grocery store. He espoused the views of your television host Tucker Carlson. By giving him a platform, you are complicit in the radicalization of people who believe in the racist lies that Carlson spreads, including the "great replacement" conspiracy theory.

Hate and lies shouldn't be normalized by mainstream news, but that's exactly what Carlson does during his program on your network. It's bad for your business and it's bad for our people. We demand that Fox News stop promoting the "great replacement" conspiracy theory and fire Tucker Carlson immediately.

Add your name to demand that Fox News stop promoting the racist "great replacement" theory and fire Tucker Carlson

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