Tell Oregon legislators to end the sale of flavored tobacco products that lure kids

The tobacco industry uses flavored products to lure kids and get them hooked, and these products are fueling the youth nicotine addiction crisis.

Youth e-cigarette use remains at epidemic levels. An overwhelming majority of kids who vape say flavors are why they do it. Meanwhile, Big Tobacco continues to use minty menthol cigarettes and small dessert-flavored cigars to target and addict youth as they've done for decades, especially in communities of color.

It's time to stop this — and protect Oregon's kids — by ending the sale of all flavored tobacco products
It's time to end the sale of all flavored tobacco products throughout Oregon. This includes flavored e-cigarettes, which are fueling a youth nicotine addiction crisis – and menthol cigarettes, which the tobacco industry has long used to lure kids, particularly in communities of color.

The facts are clear:

  • 81% of youth who have used tobacco started with a flavored product.

  • E-cigarettes and other tobacco products are available in such kid-friendly flavors as Gummi Bear, Mango Mania, Cotton Candy and Cool Mint.

  • More than 2 million kids nationwide use e-cigarettes, and the vast majority say flavors are the reason why.

  • Due to heavy tobacco industry targeting, 85% of Black smokers now use menthol cigarettes – compared to just 29% of White smokers. This has had devastating health impacts on Black communities.

  • 41% of high school smokers use menthol cigarettes, which are easier for kids to start using and harder for smokers to quit.

  • Cigars – which come in hundreds of sweet flavors – are now the second most popular tobacco product among high schoolers.

We must put a stop to this and protect Oregon's kids – as hundreds of communities across the country have done. Please do everything you can to make sure all flavored tobacco products are off the shelves in our state without exception.
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