Demand Stronger Wildlife Trafficking Laws To Save Elephants

In early June, poachers slaughtered 6 elephants in Ethiopia as they were drinking water. These elephants never had a chance against poachers' weapons... And poaching is only expected to increase as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc on conservation and anti-poaching funding.

Elephants aren't the only victims of organized wildlife crime. Fueled by consumer demand, pangolin scales, hippo teeth, rhino horn, and other endangered wildlife are being poached for jewelry, crafts, musical instruments, and more. Recently, South Sudan and Uganda were exposed as critical waypoints for this bloody trade. Without these waypoints, poacher's illegal goods would never make it to their destinations around the globe.

Illegal wildlife trafficking is estimated to generate more than US$10 billion annually, closely following the drug trade, arms trade, and human trafficking. It has fueled the poaching of some of Africa's most iconic species, robbed communities of wildlife-related revenue, endangered citizens' lives, and financed some of Africa's most brutal terrorist groups.

While the United States has recently taken steps to address the illegal wildlife trade, there's still much to be done. We must keep the pressure on by pushing even harder on global governments to strengthen legal mechanisms that will ensure zero-tolerance to wildlife poaching and trafficking.

Sign the petition today and show your support for strengthening anti-trafficking laws to protect elephants and other iconic African species.
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