Stand With Lucy McBath To End Gun Violence and Stop the NRA

In 2012, my son Jordan was killed by a gunman while he sat in a car listening to music with friends. Gun violence is a public health crisis that doesn't care about ideology, race, or religious affiliation.

Since 2012, America has gone from Aurora to Charleston, from Las Vegas to Parkland. At every turn, I've testified and lobbied in state legislatures and Congress to work on making our schools and community gathering spaces safer.

Today, I am running for Congress in Georgia's 6th Congressional District because I'm uniquely positioned to bring my platform of common sense gun violence prevention to Washington D.C. I'm the NRA's worst nightmare as an advocate who can speak meaningfully and personally about the scourge of gun violence.

My opponent in November, Rep. Karen Handel is proud to have an A-Rating from the NRA. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, since 2017 she has received almost $50,000 in campaign contributions from the NRA and gun rights groups, and they've also spent another $65,000 on negative ads against her opponents.

2018 is an extraordinary election year. Together, we have the opportunity to make real change at the polls. This election could go a long way to making sure that we can end the scourge of gun violence in America. But, I need to know if you've got my back on gun violence prevention.

Sign and stand with me to protect our families and communities from gun violence and end the pervasive influence of the NRA.
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