Let's enforce 1952 laws and charge the anti American sametics from being in American political positions.

    Anti American laws were broken during midterm elections of 2018 and before midterms . There were also nationality acts broken . I'm concerned because there's more plans for this in 2020 . I want to see we the ppl petition together to stop the illegal. And unconstitutional actions and trickery of our American public . Taking advantage of uneducated citizens that trust that our government knows what to do, and what they can't do. Not keeping their mouths shut when the citizens don't know any better. We know better and they should no better than we do. But they choose not to recognise. Or maybe it takes us to educate them on these very important situation and to keep America from crumbling from the inside out from confusion and division. Of to many diverse ppl that do not have our countries ppl, laws,nor or fabrics in mind. It will destroy our republic. And under mind our fathers decisions and sacrifice to keep our nation strong.
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    Petition unterzeichnen
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