Don't Displace Homeless For Royal Wedding!

  • empfänger: Simon Dudley, Prince Harry
Windsor Council leader Simon Dudley, a conservative, is demanding that the homeless be removed from the streets for royal wedding. This is a despicable use of political power and should not be allowed.

Sign the petition to make sure Simon Dudley doesn't get his way! Tell Dudley the homeless of Windsor should be left alone, and urge Prince Harry to act to protect them.

Dudley wants police to use force in removing anyone rough sleeping or begging. He wants to criminalize homelessness. THAT IS INSANE. Homeless people may be far more likely to be victims of crimes than criminals themselves. 

If Dudley actually cared about the homeless people in Windsor, he would focus on community programs that actually help them, not on using police force to move them out of his way. This is purely because he doesn't like the way homeless people look. But they are people, they are part of their communities and trying to brush them under the rug is just plain wrong. 

The fact that he is using the royal wedding as an excuse to "get rid" of homeless people instead of trying to actually help them is gross. 

Please sign on to make sure the homeless in Windsor can stay. 

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