Join The Movement Of Washington Consumer Advocates Across The State

Do you know what happens to the billions of dollars that consumers leave unspent on gift cards? Here, in Washington State, there's a loophole that allows big corporations to exploit consumers and claim unspent gift card dollars as revenue. They can use the money to pad their profits and inflate executive bonuses.

Gift card money belongs back in the hands of consumers, not in the bank accounts of corporations. And if that money remains unspent, it should be used to benefit the public good, not to pad corporate pockets.

We got here because, in 2004, when giant corporations successfully lobbied for a loophole allowing them to keep their customers' unspent gift card balances. When the law passed in 2004, they were keeping $3 million a year. Now they're keeping $255 million!

That's why the Washington Consumer Protection Coalition is advocating for legislators to pass the 2024 Washington Gift Card Accountability Package to protect consumers.

You can be part of the movement for consumer protections, now and after legislative session! Sign up to learn more about the Washington Gift Card Accountability Bill Package and what you can do to help.

Paid for by: Washington Consumer Protection Coalition PO Box 9100 Seattle, WA 98109. Top contributors: Service Employees International Union, Service Employees International Union 775

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