I demand to end racial issues, did you know that 1 of 3 African Americans will serve prison time? I'm working on my bachelor's degree in the Science of Criminal Justice. This change will begin with my education. Did you know that black males serve more ti

    The injustices as Rodney King and George Floyd are examples. I will make a change, it all started with me. Non violent misdemeanors with 3 strikes your out are serving time for nonviolent charges are serving a life sentence? I will make a difference for the African American males who have only talked about change. I WILL STOP THIS INJUSTICE WITH AFRICAN AMERICAN MALES. LIFE SENTENCES ARE given life because all people only talk about making a change, I will make this I'm
    change! I have written Senator Kemptwice with no response, I will write about this injustice once a week until I receive a response.response. my brother in law is African American, he is the best man I know. I will let inmates that they have recieved life and thru the key away, I'm here for all Arican American males. I do not talk change, I make that change happen. The solution to people serving life for nonviolent charges. The solution is me and making this change happen. Thanks for listening, Deborah Tanner, I am an honorable discharged Veteran..
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