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Almost since it's inception the United Nations has turned its role as a peace making, world organization upside down. Instead of helping countries that really need the world's attention, the UN has managed to instigate wars, help dictatorships and keep the terrorists fed all the while ignoring true trouble spots. The vast majority of those who run this corrupt organization are busy with their own agendas, spewing vitriolic hatred and lies while promoting themselves and their own friends. It's time that real democracies need to stop spending our hard earned dollars to support such racist regimes to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars! 

Do we really need an organization that funds people like Ahmedinejad to come to New York year after year and spew his anti-Western crap while we pay for it? 

Do you trust countries like China and Russia to maintain global peace and security? Do you really want countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Nigeria, Cuba, Angola, Libya, Indonesia and other third world countries to maintain human rights across the world?

This is not a sick joke. With your help we can force our own governments to stop wasting our money on the UN and create a new League of Nations with members from our own democracies.

Please sign the petition to Dump the UN!

We the undersigned no longer wish to support the morally corrupt organization known as the United Nations. After the Holocaust and World War II, after the League of Nations, the UN was eventually established to maintain world peace and security to ensure that regimes like the Nazis would never again be in a position to rule the world and cause tens of millions of innocent people to die in the most horrific ways. Over time the non-democratic nations of the world, including many tyrannical regimes with obvious self-promoting agendas, have hijacked this global organization. Rather than promote true peace, the UN continues to instigate wars and support terror states while ignoring true democracies and ignoring ongoing genocides. To add insult, it's the minority of the true Western style democracies that pay for it! We can do much better with our money. We want  to Dump the UN now!
Thank you for helping to change the world.

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