My youngest son is being charged with a crime thats a felony (and no its not murder) and he's only 16 years old. My son has some serious deep mental issues and to help with the pain and suffering he did drugs. The drugs lead him down a very dark path and i went to all the people that were supposed to help him from judges to P.O.'s. And yet not one of them did anything to stop his behavior and intervene to get the mental health and and substance abuse problems he was facing all because of his childhood! You see he is not my biological child only because i didn't give birth to him but I am his mom otherwise raising him from birth. But with that being said his biological mother is my sister does not under no circumstances wants any thing to do with him and his so called biological father doesn't have any thing to do with him with either not to mention the fact my sister says he raped her and thats how she got pregnant with my son and yes he does knows this. Then the 3rd person to walk out of his life is my ex fiance who left him in 2013 and never looked back. This has broken my son so badly he tried to commit suicide and gave up on himself which in addition to the drugs has gotten himself into some legal trouble!!!! I am please asking you all for your support to help change the law on kids being convicted as an adult when their brain (which is a proven scientific fact) has not even fully developed to truly know right from wrong!! My son deserves a chance at life and for it not to be over due to one bad decision!!!! He needs mental health therapy badly as well as substance abuse help so he can grow and blossom in the wonderful young man he can be. By the way my son is multi-racial and was questioned and intimidated by all white officers!!!

Please let us get a petition started to show the government we're just not going to sit by and watch all of our young people grow up, get raped and even possibly murdered in a crumbling prison system!!!! So no more mandatory transfers to adult court for crimes other than murder.

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