We need to stop building new buildings, homes, apartment ect... Our wildlife don't have no place to go

    The wild animals don't have no where to go. There used to be so much land and it just to be so beautiful to drive down the back roads from Fairfield to Vacaville and be able to sit and watch and listen to the birds see the coyotes roam, owls, raccoons, rabbits now there is no land but buildings, homes and apartments. They are destroying our wildlife. They have no where to go. Vanden Road, Peabody Road, Leisure Town Road used to be so beautiful and it's being all torn apart. People are complaining about the coyotes being around well they were here first. Animals lived here before any of us and I'm going to put my voice out there. We don't need new homes, apartments, buildings we need to protect our wildlife it's not like they have a 60 day notice to pack up and move. Nope we just up root them kill there source of food and think they are a problem when they eat our family pet. They need to eat and drink water just like the rest of us. I used to put a big bowel of water out for them because there is no water source and I would put some hamburger meat and dog food out for them. I used to see like 2 small pups and they didn't know what to do. I watched them eat and drink and then they noticed I was watching them. They just looked at me like saying thank you for this bite and water but scared and they didn't know where to go anymore. We can't afford the homes now why you think most people are still homeless because we can't afford it but yet wanna build houses that people can't afford and build a community just for the ones that can and ruin our wildlife. We have enough homes that are empty don't need to destroy our wildlife to. We need to stop the city from building more buildings, homes, apartments and leave the open fields, land for the wildlife.
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