Justice for Jon Moses, UK singer who was raped whilst working for Fred Olsen Cruises.

  • by: Anne R
  • recipient: Fred Olsen Cruise Lines
Petition summary by Care2:
"I was drugged... raped... beaten... neglected medically and denied the right to even have my clothes forensically examined!" - Jon Moses
British singer Jon Moses was working for Fred Olsen Cruises when he was violently raped in South Africa. When Jon got home, he spent three weeks in hospital and has since not been able to work due to the trauma sustained.

Shockingly, instead of providing medical and legal assistance, his employer refused to provide medical attention, failed to file a police report, Overwrote CCTV footage showing Jon bloody and bruised, even though he requested a copy of this the day of the rape and the following days afterward from senior management. They then cancelled his future work contracts, with NO PAYMENT!! They recklessly put him on a 12hr plane trip home despite Jon suffering a head injury that was later confirmed by a CAT scan in the UK. They gave him Diazapam, they even "lost" the blood covered shirt he was wearing when assaulted, Jon had offered to "get it for them" in a seinior management meeting !!!
The actions of Fred Olsen Cruises equate to perverting the course of justice.
Sign now to demand Fred Olsen Cruises pay significant compensation to Jon Moses, in addition to paying him in full for all of the future contracts they cancelled with him.




  • Remove the stigma of male on male rape
  • Treat male on male rape victims the same as male on female rape victims
  • Provide more support for male on male rape victims
  • Easier access to Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) and the guidelines for its use
  • More literature and awareness concerning male on male rape
  • More facilities trained and equipped to handle male on male rape victims
  • Make companies legally and financially responsible for maintaining recorded evidence like CCTV recordings. Make them financially responsible for retrieval of lost recordings
  • Make it mandatory for all clothing be remanded to the authorities for processing whether the rape occurred on home soil or abroad


  • Because of the stigma that is placed on male on male rape fewer than 1 in 10 are reported 
  • Data shows that male rape victims are more likely to receive injuries to non-genital areas -but are less likely to report if non life threatening
  • A higher proportion of male rape victims are blamed for their assault 
  • The suicide rate for male rape victims is 15 times higher than that of female rape victims
  • Though all rape victims require extensive emotional and psychological healing - Male victims have the added burden of a society that does not believe they were raped
  • In the UK alone the most recent statistics show that 78000 people have become rape or attempted rape victims. Out of those are 9000 men but due to the low reporting rate among males that number is expected to be much higher


* Males are less traumatized 

  • Fact - Males are just as traumatized by rape - in fact depression and hostility are more profound in male rape victims

Added stress and guilt: Male victims often fear being seen as gay or weak. They fear that their assault was due to being too effeminate.


Fred Olsen Cruise Line denied Jon Moses his basic human rights to medical treatment. They diminished the severity of the assault and rape by not filing a police report. After the attack and rape they put Jon on a 12 hour flight back to the UK  then immediately canceled all future contracts for him aboard their cruise line without pay.  Jon deserves to be treated with respect and compassion. Fred Olsen has treated him with niether. #Justice4JonMoses


Please sign this petition- show your support for Jon Moses and his fight for Justice- but also sign because you support the need to bring male on male rape out of the darkness and into the light where it's victims can be helped and supported.

Fred Olsen Cruise Line must be held accountable for their actions against Jon Moses

  • They refused to provide adequate medical attention after his assault. Including PEP as he was covered in foreign blood
  • They didn't adequately record the event or file a police report...Although initially Jon was told that a male worker from the ship had reported an incident to the police ... A LIE ...Never happened, but in a statement of that man, confirmed by UK police, he said he did. He was later within hours of the Rape put on a flight home by Fred Olsen ... Who state; "He had nothing to do with Jon Moses's attack ... This was said by the Captain of the ship !!!!!
  • They left him with a head injury, covered in bruises and without physical or mental support
  • They recklessly put him on a 12-hour plane trip without medical release and with a head injury confirmed by CAT scan.
  • They canceled all future contracts without pay, and offered no furthermedical or psycological support in aftercare
  • The Dr on board had been informed he had been been raped, she said it would cause too much trouble to get the police involved and advised Jon fly home after discussion and sort it out in the UK. The Dr called another crew member in distress about the situation. Where is her report? Jon has been given hand written reports but nothing from the medical computer system.
  • They "Overwrote" the CCTV recordings that showed a bloody and bruised victim being led back onto the ship past two sets of security by a male worker just hours after the CCTV had been requested as evidence.
  • Fred Olsen informed Jon  that because the incident wasn't reported at the time that there is no security log ... and therefore this information does not exist in their information filing system
  • Fred Olsen "Lost" the blood-covered shirt that Jon was wearing when attacked. Although Jon had offered to get the shirt and give it to them as evidence.

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD: If you would like to let your voice be heard in support of Jon and you have a Twitter account...please tweet your support and tag Jon @jonmosesvocals and be sure to tag Fred Olsen too @FredOlsenCruise. Your support means so much. Thank you for signing.

Update #83 years ago
We only have a short way to go. Only need 1000 more signatures to reach 100K. Inquiries of Parliament have already started by Jon's MP. Once we get to 100K this petition will be handed over as well. Your voice, your support will make a difference. Please sign and share. Tell your friends and family to sign and share. We can not let this happen to anyone else ever again!
Update #73 years ago
WE NEED YOUR HELP. We have an MP working with us. We need to get this petition up to 100K.
Please share and encourage others to sign so we can meet this goal. Things are happening quickly and we want to hand this petition off to Parliament as soon as possible. You all have been amazing. Your support helps Jon get through each day. Thank you
Update #63 years ago
Thanks to your signatures, Fred Olsen Cruise Line has been forced to make a statement. Unfortunately it is full of lies. See their statement and Jon's response here, then tweet your support for #Justice4JonMoses. Thank you!
Update #33 years ago
Thank you for signing. Now please leave a review on Fred Olsen Cruise Lines Facebook Page to tell them what you think about their treatment of Jon after he was a victim of a horrific rape. They lost critical CCTV evidence and even cancelled Jon's work contract! Tell them they should compensate Jon and give him all the support he needs. Thank you.
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