Halt the introduction of 5G in Guernsey - Now!

Think that the introduction of 5G is just about giving us faster download speeds? Think again. 

It appears that there is an ever increasing possibility that Guernsey will imminently become the 'guinea pigs' for the introduction of new, untested, 5G technology.

5G works completely differently to 4G microwaves, 5G waves are much shorter which essentially means that Guernsey will require many more masts (up to 150+) to ensure penetration of signal. 

The 5G signal releases millimetre waves which many scientists are concerned will essentially irradiate everyone - those most at risk? Pregnant women, babies in the womb and young children - think being permanently placed in an airport scanner.

This new technology remains UNTESTED as millimetre waves have never before been used in this capacity and on this scale.  

Over 245 scientists worldwide have signed a International petition (link below) expressing their grievous concern over studies that prove how 5G is highly likely to become a ticking time bomb. These show clear evidence of the likelihood of increased rate of cancer damage to human skin, eyes, DNA damage, sleep disorders, neurological damage, damages to child development... the list is both shocking and endless. Then there's the environmental impact - initial studies also suggest wildlife including our bees and plant foliage react particularly poorly to this radiation. 


There are a number of Countries that have now pushed back the use of 5G until further test have been made. Guernsey needs to make a decision, for the good of its community to halt the potential role out of this technology and to halt it now.

Perhaps what's most shocking of all is that in today's world we could potentially be subjected to something that endangers our lives that we have absolutely no control over. If this is introduced, we can't just 'avoid' the technology or switch it off, we're stuck with it along with all of its potential dangers.

Lets do whatever it takes to put this technology on hold until we have absolute, unbiased proof that these health fears are unfounded or otherwise.  Our community voice is exceptional and in instances such as this we are small enough to ensure our voices are heard. Large Countries like the USA aren't so fortunate, so lets make a difference. 

I am purely trying to ensure the safety of my children and future children on this island and I cannot see, with the introduction of 5G, how that could continue.

Please join this new local petition and help get our voices heard.

Many thanks

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