China Banned Effeminate or Gay Presenting Men From Media!

In an extremely regressive move, China has decided to ban representations of effeminate or gay seeming men on television. Their logic? Representations like that will keep their young boys and men from being masculine enough. That means millions of children in China will grow up with a narrow and simplistic view in their media of the way to be a person. 

Sign the petition to tell China this offensive rule makes no sense and should not be implemented! 

We know that diversity in media representation only helps young people. If they don't see themselves represented in the shows they watch, they can develop low self esteem --especially kids who are LGBTQ or even just a little different than many of their peers. Additionally, a lack of exposure to people of all types of presentations just makes more room for a lack of understanding and discrimination, which can often turn dangerous. Celebrating the differences among people strengthens communities. That's why it's so destructive that the Chinese government is attempting to squash variance among their people. 

The new rule focuses specifically on how men are presented on television and in video games and other media. The idea is that banning representation of them will somehow ban their existence within the community. But that makes no sense --nor is it a worthy goal. Effeminate men are valuable human beings just as masculine women are valuable human beings. And each of us exists along a spectrum and may present our personality, clothing, and speech in different ways at different times. 

Apparently, China finds that threatening. Will you sign the petition urging China not to implement this harmful censorship?

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