Change the ruling for mutual home exchange

Fed up with people being able to pull out of mutual exchanges at any point even as late as day of move? Should this be allowed, we say NO! Lets stop people playing with others lives and the councils and H.A allowing it. 

After spending money on booking removals, changing my children's school, packing and living in hope I was moving away from harrassement of nighmare neighbour and my children finally being able to live a normal life and learning how to socialise and play in their own garden a thoughtless time waster couple pulled out of our arranged exchange 2 weeks before move date with no notification what so ever. It was only that i asked my housing manager why I hadnt recieved my final letter that she informed me the couple had informed her that they had pulled out and had told me. This resulting in me losing money I couldn't afford, my children being upset and as this was during summer holidays I was unable to sort the schooling situation out so I had no choice but to tak my children to school they was due to start in the septemeber, this cost me £40 a week in petrol costs but I sacrificed on luxeries so my children could remain at the school because it meant they was safe away from the harrasment and the level of education was so much better. I have recently seen an influx of people with similiar stories and dissapointment and enough is enough. 

It's not fare that people are allowed to play with others lives in this way and the councils and H.A sit back and do nothing. There should be a point in the mutual exchange process where a person can no longer pull out and should continue with the exchange. 

Update #53 years ago
Can I ask please can you message me your time waster stories. These stories are what might wake people up and prevent other people becoming time wasters or their victims. I would love to share these on my blog and will do so not including any names.
Update #43 years ago
I'm overwhelmed by the response I'm getting to this issue and thank you all so much for sharing your opinions and stories. I agree with so many of the other issues faced with when trying to search for that new home.

Please keep sharing your stories and sharing the petition so we can get this issue hopefully resolved.
Thank you & Good luck
Update #33 years ago
Hi all. I've noticed a few more signers and that's great. Thank you so much for your support. I have been inspired to spread my word further and have started a Blog so I can share my experiences along the way of past and present time wasters and who knows for those willing I can share those stories also. Please feel free to ask for link. I will add I am new to all this Bloging and on-line media stuff so please bare with me as it is a work in progress.

Thank you again.
Update #23 years ago
Been sharing this around exchange groups of Facebook but unfortunately some of the Admins don't think this is important and obviously don't have the members interests at heart. Please share where ever possible please as I am only 1 person can only do so much to help others. Thank you
Update #13 years ago
Lets not suffer in silence, time to be heard. Please share this around as power of social media is the best way for our voice to be heard and get that extended support. Thank you
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