Demand to be called an American and to end the racist term white, caucasian, and white person..

    All over the internet I see nothing but discriminating and racist targeting of people just because they are white. I get told that I am automatically racist and the cause of slavery just because of the color of my skin. I am told just because I'm white that I have to be treated as less of a person because of my skin color and that I have a make believe privilege that I don't have just because of my skin color. I am automatically assumed to be part of a white supremacy group just because I am a white person. White people are targeted by the media and portrayed as being bad just because of the color of our skin. White people can't charge other races with a hate crime when they gang up on us in the streets but they can charge us with it if it is in reverse but we are called racist if we dare challenge anything related to race. I have had enough. I was not born a european, I am not responsible for slavery, I am not racist because I challenge the idea that I am a good person and should not be descriminated by the color od my skin like anyone else. I demand to be able to list my ethnicity as an American I was born here. Raised here and I am an American. It's time to step out of the racsit acts and derogatory connotations associated with the term white and white person. I am not a color I am not evil because I am white I am American and I have the right to petition and demand that I be able to show and choose my own ethnic descent as American. Not white not Caucasian but American. If every other erhnicity can be called and declare themselves to be of America and be born American, then so do I. I demand the right to this racial justice for myself and others to not be held accountable for or be synonymous with hateful racist connotations of the past that me nor anyone else has anything to do with. I am tired of being racially held down by the term white, white person, or caucasian and I demand to be equal I demand to be formally denoted as ethnically American.
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