Save Suman, her parents and all the other "riding" elephants in India!

I have read at least some of an article on the One Green Planet website about a young elephant named Suman. She was taken out of a circus that is known for animal abuse only to be sold to a known abusive elephant "owner". She was then loaned out to a TV show on which PETA documented/alleged animal cruelty on set. Suman was then returned to the abusive "owner", who will probably either employ an abusive training method known as phajaan to "break" her into being a riding elephant. This involves keeping the elephant/s isolated (elephants are social animals) and beating them to the point of fearing humans.
Suman's sister Peanut was rescued, but Suman was taken away before rescuers could get to her, or something like that. Suman's parents are both still working.
We would like to politely ask that Sudan and her parents are rescued and reunited with Peanut at the sanctuary, and allowed to live and be cared for properly at the sanctuary for the rest of these lives of theirs. If this is not possible, they should still be rescued and sent to good sanctuaries where they will be cared for properly and treated with respect.
We would also like to politely ask that a ban on the use, training and business of elephant rides is put into place throughout all of India, and that all of the elephants are sent to good sanctuaries where they will be cared for properly and treated with respect, reuniting them/keeping them with their families, friends and social groups whenever this can be.
To all signers, it is great to sign this petition, but please also never do, support or promote elephant rides whenever you can help it.
Thank you.

Update #34 years ago
Hi 👋,
Please kindly contact the Government of Rajasthan, to ask them nicely to do all that they can (kindly and safely) to help get Suman rescued.
Please also use Goodsearch and support Wildlife SOS/another ethical, animal-friendly cause (this doesn’t have to be an animal cause, just one that doesn’t do animal testing/exploitation/abuse/killing of sentient beings. Some medical charities fund/conduct animal experiments...
Update #24 years ago
Hi 👋,
I’m likely to write a fictionalised book 📖 about Suman. Please look out for it. It might be out in a year or so. I will try to ensure that at least some of the money goes to Wildlife SOS. Although this will likely have a fictionalised happy ending, I will also probably include a note 📝 about the real Suman and encourage readers to sign this petition and do other good things to help Suman and other elephants.
Thank you 😊 to the moon and back.
Have the best day and night ever!
Update #15 years ago
I got the name wrong. She's Suman, not Sudan. I tried to change this, but the edit didn't save.
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