Tell Your MP You Support Assisted Dying Legislation

My name is Margaret John. I am a retired geography teacher and in 2009 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Now — because of my limited treatment options — the doctors say that I may only have a year left to live.

When you have cancer you can't control it, it controls you. What you can control, but what the current law denies you a choice over, is the timing and manner of your death.

That is why I am campaigning with Dignity in Dying in support of the Assisted Dying Bill.

Please email your MP now to let them know that you support a change in the law on assisted dying.

82% of the British public support this. We must hold our politicians to account — they are there to represent the views of their constituents — you and I included.

Sending a message to your MP is the best way to support the campaign for a more compassionate law on assisted dying. Your MP needs to hear from you, not only that you support changing the law, but why. Whether it's your hope you will have the choice for yourself or because your view is informed by an experience of a loved one's death. Your MP needs to hear that this is a deeply personal and important issue to you. Please write today.
Dear [Member of Parliament],

I'm writing to you as my MP to ask you to support Rob Marris’s Assisted Dying Bill.

Like the majority of the country – 82% of the public support assisted dying - I believe Parliament should change the law to allow terminally ill people the choice to end their own suffering within strong upfront safeguards.

[Insert why you personally support changing the law here].

I understand you may have questions or concerns about changing the law but the current law is failing. As it stands the law does not provide any safeguards for terminally ill patients ending their own lives. This means that many patients are suffering against their wishes or ending their own lives, either by travelling to Dignitas in Switzerland or at home without medical assistance.

Under this Bill, if a terminally ill patient wishes to end their life two doctors and a High Court judge must be satisfied that all the safeguards have been met. Both doctors must separately and independently examine the patient and their medical records, confirming that they are terminally ill, have mental capacity, are informed about their end-of-life care options and that they have the ability to make a voluntary and informed decision without pressure. All of this is then verified and checked by the judge.

As my elected representative I ask you to represent my views and those of the public by:

1. Supporting this Bill when it has its Second Reading on 11th September.
2. Publicly acknowledging the problems with the current law and engaging in the debate to raise any concerns you have.

You can view the bill here:


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