COMPLICIT: Demand Samsung and Apple Protect Workers from being Poisoned

  • al: Jody Weiss
  • destinatario: Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon, Samsung; Tim Cook, Apple

Benzene and other chemicals dangerous to human health remain a toxic and unwelcome component of the smart phone manufacturing process. 

Complicit, a new documentary, tells the stories of workers who have been poisoned making the devices we can't live without.

It is heart-breaking to hear the first-hand accounts of workers dying of cancer just so Apple, Samsung, and other electronics manufacturers can save a few pennies, and so consumers can have the latest upgrade.

Watch the Complicit trailer and sign the petition demanding Apple and Samsung and other producers of consumer electronics  protect workers by removing all known toxins and cancer-causing chemicals such as benzene and n-hexane from all stages of the device manufacturing supply chain.

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We are planning a Samsung day of action next week! Can you share the petition one more time to help us reach 100K signatures? Cell phones shouldn't be killing factory workers. Samsung CAN help protect people if we demand it!
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Our documentary Complicit has been getting great reviews and selling out screenings. Help us pressure Apple and Samsung to stop poisoning workers by sharing the petition with everyone you know with a smart phone. The film is only as powerful as the action it inspires!
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