Justice for Athena, the 7-month-old puppy that was shot for straying on the neighbour' s lawn

  • al: Larisa Romanova
  • destinatario: San Antonio, TX district 3 police department; district 3 Councilwoman, Ms. P. Viagran, the District Attorney Mr. J. Gonzalez

Justice for Athena, the 7-month-old puppy that was mercilessly murdered in broad daylight with five gunshots only for straying on the neighbour's lawn in San Antonio, TX. While sipping coffee and talking on the phone, the perpetrator cold-bloodedly took the life of a young animal. 

On behalf of the terrified community and the grieving family with young children, we wholeheartedly implore the district 3 San Antonio police department to hold the culprit accountable for this heinous act of animal cruelty.

We respectfully request the district 3 Councilwoman, Ms. P. Viagran and the District Attorney Mr. J. Gonzalez to view this incident not only as an act of animal cruelty, but as a serious public safety violation. Individuals with such violent impulses and open contempt for the sentiments of their fellow humans, pose a significant threat to our community and should never be in possession of guns.

Join us in our quest for Athena's justice, along with guarantees that such appalling acts will never be repeated.

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