Ban Testosterone & Estrogen!!

    What do you think are the most dangerous drugs? Crystal Meth? Heroin? Fentanyl? Well, I disagree. The drugs Testosterone (C19H28O2) and Estrogen (C18H24O2) are some of the most dangerous substances humans have ever come across.

    First, they cause great changes in mental state. When you compare those who were exposed to these two drugs and those who were not, those who have been exposed to Testosterone and Estrogen experience increased sex drive, probably because these drugs accelerate the production of sex cells such as Sperm cells and Egg cells. Therefore, those who have been exposed to these drugs are more likely to visit prostitutes or watch pornography.

    Secondly, what make these drugs dangerous is that everyone is exposed to it. Unlike many other illegal drugs, opting out is not a choice. In fact, it is estimated that around 100% of the adult population is exposed to either Testosterone or Estrogen. Unless tougher regulation is put in place, more and more of our children are exposed to these dangerous drugs. We do not want another generation of sex-driven young adults.

    In conclusion, I call on all adults who care about our next generation to immediately take action upon the dangerous sex drugs Testosterone and Estrogen. If we do not take action immediately, the lives of our next generation will be ruined!
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